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"All 21 songs on the CDs "Stereophonic Art" and "Stereophonic Art 2" have the special feature that they consist entirely of two layers, each with its own tempo, with both layers running in parallel through each song, from beginning to end. The nature of these layers differs greatly: the instrumentations range from only one instrument at times to a convolute of melody and accompanying instruments, including a beat. In principle, the two layers of a piece are conceived so that when the music is played, a harmonic overall impression ensues, despite some rhythmic friction.

The fact that all the songs have two components, so to speak, makes it possible to separate both layers acoustically. A 2.0 loudspeaker system (two equal speakers, regardless of whether these are active or passive, without a separate subwoofer) are ideal for playback of these songs, as one layer will be heard only on the left and the other only on the right side. The reason for the acoustic separation is the desire to carry this dichotomy through to its very consequent end. In addition, interested listeners are aided in their attempt to perceive the layers played back simultaneously as separate entities.

In order to justify the dichotomy of my music, the fact that I design it in two layers, I could try to come up with a philosophical explanation, for example that this music reflects the synthesis of two different elements. However, the truth is that from the craftsman’s point of view, this fascination with composing two parallel, simultaneous tempos has accompanied me since my late youth."

Matthias Lüth

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