About Matthias Lüth

I was born in Berlin in 1980. My musical training started with violin lessons at the age of six; shortly thereafter I also began to play the piano. The first pieces I composed for piano soon followed. After finishing elementary school, I attended the Music High School Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach in Berlin, where I was taught music theory, ear training and piano improvisation, but also classical double bass. I kept composing my own pieces during this time, but my main focus was on the double bass, and I competed successfully in several double bass competitions.


I began studying at the Music Academy Hanns Eisler in Berlin at the same time as I began playing at the Berlin State Opera as an intern. Later, I joined the Berlin Philharmonic Academy for two years. During this time, I also completed my studies. While my focus was not yet on publishing my own compositions, composing gave me an opportunity for musical experimentation during these and the following years.


Most of my music is characterized by my idea of pieces with two perceivable layers, achieving two parallel narrative lines; all of this goes back to the year 1999. At the moment, my catalogue contains approximately 150 pieces for various instrumentations, both for classical and electronic instruments.

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